At Ransburg Scout Reservation, the Scout Oath and Law are our guiding principles. We expect each leader to provide the guidance within the troop to follow these principles, the policies of Ransburg Scout Reservation, the Crossroads of America Council and the Boy Scouts of America.

Camper Release Policy

Campers will only be released early from camp to custodial parents. Release to others must be communicated in writing in advance, with troop leaders’ knowledge. Parents must indicate in writing who the Scout will be leaving with and the time and day of departure. For the scout’s safety, scoutmasters must escort the scout to the camp office and sign the scout over to the approved persons.

Damaged Equipment

Scouts are expected to take care of all equipment they use. Sometimes, however, equipment is damaged and it needs to be replaced or repaired. If equipment is misused by the troop, the cost of any damaged equipment will be settled before the troop leaves camp on Saturday. Damages to equipment should be reported to the Quartermaster or your Ridge Commissioner.

Camp Visitors

Parents and families are always welcome at Ransburg Scout Reservation . Wednesday evenings and the Friday night campfire are two excellent times for visitors.

Visitors who desire to eat a meal can purchase a meal ticket at the camp office. All Visitor meals cost $9.50.

Our dining hall has limited space and it is difficult to sit visitors with their troop. If an open seat exists (for example a partial adult is no longer in camp) visitors will be able to sit with their troop. In most cases however, visitors will need to sit at the visitors table. The dining hall steward can help visitors locate this table if necessary.

Dining Hall

All Scouts are required to be at all meals, unless the troop is cooking in the campsite for the week. For no reason should a Scout be denied or allowed to skip a meal. Food should not be taken out of the dining hall.


Smoking is prohibited in camp, except in the designated area. The goal of this policy is to keep smoking away from Scouts. All buildings are smoke free environments; smoking outside the entrance or exit of any building is not permitted. In addition, all campsites should be on a smoke-free basis. The designated smoking area is in the camp parking lot.

Alcohol and Illegal Drugs

Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs are not permitted in Scout camp. Possession or use of them on camp property will be cause for removal from camp.


Vehicles are not permitted in campsites. Vehicles should be parked only in the main parking lot. One vehicle is allowed to make a single trip to the campsite for troop and personal gear at check-in and check-out. Only camp service vehicles are allowed on camp roads during the week. Please note that no individual should to be transported in the back of any pickup truck or trailer. Individuals with disabilities desiring to bring a golf cart type vehicle to camp must apply for a permit through the camp office prior to arriving at camp. Once in camp, please complete an authorization form at. You will also need liability insurance, a fire extinguisher, and a first aid kit.


There is no access to Lake Monroe for personal boats at camp. If you have your own boat and would like to take your troop on an activity in it, you must check your troop out of camp and put in at a local boat ramp. No personal boats are allowed to moor on any Ransburg docks.

Personal Items

The camp is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If such an unfortunate event occurs, it is recommended that a police report be filed for insurance purposes.


All fuels must be kept locked. The camp quartermaster can assist with this service. Remember that any type of open flame is not permitted in any tent.

Youth Protection

We adhere to all youth protection provisions of the Boy Scouts of America. Twodeep leadership is required at all times. Please remember that leaders and Scouts cannot sleep in the same quarters and that mixed genders are not allowed to tent together. Exceptions are a parent/son or married couple. Hazing is strictly prohibited. There are many instances where “hazing” has led to serious consequences, both to the physical well-being and emotional stability of Scouts. Even a “mild” incident can convince a Scout never to return. Be aware that new campers are particularly susceptible to hazing. Knowledge of any abuse should be reported to the Reservation Director immediately.

Personal Tents

Personal tents must meet the Boy Scout standard of 30 square feet of sleeping space per Scout. Personal tents should also have a “NO FLAME IN TENT” sign affixed to them. The signs are available from the Quartermaster.


Due to the outbreak of harmful tree pests and diseases, no outside firewood can be brought into camp.


Please do not bring pets to camp.


All prescription medications must be stored at the Health Lodge or in the campsite in the camp issued lock box in its original container. The Scout or leader may keep inhalers, EpiPens pens, and heart medications on their person at the discretion of the Health Officer. Upon leaving camp, it is the responsibility of the unit leader to pick up unused medications that were brought to camp.

Medical Insurance

Each scout and adult leader should bring a copy of his or her medical insurance card and prescription card. Upon Sunday checkin, this information will be collected with the appropriate physical form.

Accident & Illness Insurance

All registered Scouts and leaders are covered by an accident and illness insurance policy while participating in or traveling to and from any Scout sponsored activity, including summer camp. Scouts and leaders must be registered members of the BSA to be covered by the insurance. This is a secondary insurance policy administered by Health Special Risk Insurance (HSR). A claim must be filed with HSR within 90 days of the accident or illness. All medical expenses must be filed with the injured person’s primary insurance before they can be considered by HSR. This policy generally covers the usual and customary expenses up to $15,000 per accident; $7,500 illness; $5,000 for dental treatment; and $6,000 for ambulance service among other benefits. Any expenses beyond these limits are the responsibility of the parent/guardian or leader. Forms and complete details of this policy can be found at Initial questions concerning filing a claim may be directed to the Crossroads of America Council Office Manager.

Questions concerning insurance coverage at camp should be directed to:

Office Manager Boy Scouts of America
7125 Fall Creek Road North
Indianapolis, IN 46256
(317) 813-7125
(877) 925-1900
(317) 813-7126 Fax

Out of Council Troops

For out of council troops attending our camp, you will need to show proof of insurance when arriving on Sunday. If you do not have insurance coverage, you are welcome to purchase a special policy during your week of camp for only $8 per Scout/ leader. Please see the Business Manager when you check in.