An Annual Health and Medical Record with a doctor’s signature and date within the past year is required for everyone regardless of how long you will be in camp. Even if they are going to be in camp one night you still need a doctor’s exam and it must be signed by a parent or guardian and physician within 12 months of the time they are in camp.

Only the Boy Scouts of America Annual Health and Medical Record form will be allowed as per national requirements and standards. School physical forms, sports physical forms, or high adventure base medical record forms (i.e. Northern Tier or Seabase) will not be accepted. They will also NOT be accepted if they are stapled to the BSA form. The information and doctor’s signature must be on the Annual Health and Medical Record.

The Crossroads of America Council has made modifications to the Talent Release section of the Medical Record. A tradition throughout the council and at Ransburg Scout Reservation is to make multimedia part of the week long summer camp experience. As a result, numerous pictures are taken throughout the week at summer camp, and a slideshow is presented at the closing campfire. This is an exciting closing to the week at Ransburg, and is an integral part to the experience. Therefore, Ransburg Scout Reservation requires inclusion of this talent release. If you have any questions please feel free to contact a member of Ransburg Scout Reservation’s Leadership Team.

Health Form Review

It is highly recommended that you send in the Annual Health and Medical Records from your troop to camp prior to your camping week. The Health Lodge staff will review these forms for completion to ensure that no holdups will be found during the scout's medical recheck at camp. Please include the following information:

  • Troop Number and council/district Week you will be attending
  • Roster of the included forms

We would appreciate it if they were all sent at once or in large groups, and not individually. Please use the US Postal Service sent to the camp address. Please do not fax them in bulk or individually to camp.

As the adult leader, it is required that you check and review, before coming to camp (with enough time for corrections), the Annual Health and Medical Record forms checking for the following errors and omissions:

  • Missing date under the doctor’s signature in Part C
  • Missing doctor’s signature in Part C
  • Missing parent/guardian signature in Part B
  • Physical dated within the past year (Mandatory)
  • Missing Health History (Part A)
  • Missing immunization record and dates in part A
  • Missing Health Insurance card copy and information