Firecrafter is a camp rank system that recognizes and develops a Scout’s camping skills. In Firecrafter, Scouts join a camping service organization that started in 1920 at Camp Chanktun-un-gi (now Belzer Scout Camp). This popular program is unique to the Crossroads of America Council. The desire to be a Firecrafter is often the push a Scout needs to come back to summer camp for another year or to give him the added confidence to strive for Eagle and other advancements.

The camp ranks can only be earned at camp. They serve to complement your Scout’s advancement work. Most of the camp rank requirements are taken directly from Boy Scout rank advancements. Scouts may try for more than one rank during the week, but this is not encouraged.

Ranks of Firecrafter


Camper is the first year program. All first year Scouts and Scouts new to Ransburg are encouraged to become Campers. The requirements cover camp citizenship, the Scout Oath and Law, the origins of Scouting, map and compass, hiking, and one hour of camp service.


Woodsman is the second year program. Those who completed Camper should be encouraged to become a Woodsman. The Woodsman rank covers camp skills (fire building, knot tying, knife and ax), nature, first aid, leadership, and two hours of service.


Firecrafter is the third year program for First Class Scouts and above. While some exceptional Firecrafters have attained it in their first or second year in camp, it is usually the third year before a Scout has the physical or emotional maturity to candidate for Firecrafter. The standards for the Firecrafter rank are high and include all areas of Scouting skills. The three most difficult requirements are planning and leading a campfire, building a fire by friction set, and the “unknown test” of the Firecrafter Ritual, which takes place after camp is over.


Minisino is a Miami Indian word meaning “tried and proven”. A youth is eligible to be tapped out for Minisino the 2nd summer following his becoming a Firecrafter. After a Firecrafter is tapped out he must successfully complete a two-week candidacy at one of the council camps.