The camp has established procedures to be followed in the event of most emergencies. Emergency procedures are posted throughout the camp and will be reviewed with everyone upon arrival Sunday. Persons in orange vests are to be recognized as authority figures.


An intermittent siren means assemble at the main camp flag pole by troop. Report any missing persons to the camp director. Follow other directions.

Severe Weather

A continuous siren indicates that you should head to the closest emergency post on your ridge and take cover immediately. If you are not on your ridge, move to the nearest safe locations (i.e. a shower house, shelter house or on the side of a hill away from the danger of falling tree limbs). AVOID HILLTOPS AND THE BOTTOMS OF THE RAVINES. When the danger has passed, an intermittent siren will follow to signal “all clear”. Once you hear the intermittent siren, you should assemble at the flag poles with your troop.

Medical or Accidents

Give minimal first aid and report to the health office. If bodily fluid spills are present, keep individuals away from the area and report to the Health Officer, who will clean the area.


Report to the Reservation Director.

Youth Protection

Notify Reservation Director. Remove victim from the situation, and do not talk to anyone regarding the situation.

Lost Scout

Notify Reservation Director, and report all information about the lost Scout. Assist in the search as directed. Follow directions.

(812) 837 - 9423