Having a successful week at Ransburg starts well before coming to camp. We strongly encourage contacting camp about dietary restrictions and sending copies of your health forms for prereview, pre-camp swim checks, or special needs and requests. Please finalize all communication with camp at least two weeks prior to your arrival. These actions will ensure that we are well prepared for your stay. The safety of everyone is important, pay particular attention to any allergies and alert us well within two weeks of arrival.

You should be sure to regularly check both this Ransburg Reservation website and the Crossroads of America page.

Camp Promotion

You should hold a camp promotion for your troop sometime between December and February. Your promotion plan should include a parent meeting, video presentations, date and fee schedule, and collecting of camper deposits. The Ransburg Reservation portal is a good resource for your promotion. It not only contains the information in this guide, but information specifically tailored for scouts, leaders and parents. It is advisable to point scouts and parents to their respective sections of the portal.

Next Year Reservations

While at camp, it is possible to reserve a campsite for the following year. A $20-per-scout non-refundable deposit is required and should be paid to the camp office or at the Council Service Center prior to camp. The deposit is non-refundable and cannot be rolled over to the next year.

Leader Meetings

There are three meetings for leaders of Troops that are reserved for camp. These meetings are a great way for new leaders as well as veterans to interact with camp staff and get any questions answered.